Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mum's Treatment

Currently my mum dah x stay with us because she s too miss her home n feel bored being in our house during a day.me n bedmate kan keja.tggl la dia sorang2 di siang hari.

So,last 2 weeks we visit her. Oh, i miss her so much even everyday i sms2 n calling2 her. My mum is a very protective person. even i dah kawin pun every morning i must sent her a sms to tell that i'm already arrive my office.take this n that for breakfast.and asking her about her breakfast n bla bla bla..kang lunch pun sms2 lg ask for wat she have for her lunch.balik pun sms2 lg tell that me n bedmate dah sampai umah.kang mlm calling2 lg borak2.but still x sama mcm jumpa kan.

We go back to my hometown on friday evening. sampai around 10.00pm n having dinner with her.mmg menyelerakan la mkn masakan mak sendiri.bedmate asked me something pun i buat x lyn sgt sbb tgh feel mkn.hehhe..

The next morning mcm biasa,have to pay a visit to my favorite place.

hehhe.sampai 2 org operate 1 head.punya la teruk condition my hair

hairstylist : u punya rmbut still ada patch la sikit2.
me : ye ke..xpe la.i dah stop medication.now mmg totally depends on shampoo, conditioner n hair moisterizer only.
hairstylist : i alter skit rambut u ok?
me : ok2.i mmg nak mintak u buang that Posh fringe tu.hihih..i lemas.let it be as normal je la
hairstylist : ok2.
actually bnyak lg i borak dgn dia.psl bil elektrik pun bole jd topik.at last i knew that she s my age jugak. best kan?muda2 dah own bisnes.

on the way back home bedmate asks,

bedmate : awak secara automatic bila blk kpg x reti cuci rambut sendiri kan?

me : a'ah la kan..mcm magic plak.hehhe..x la.sbb murah wak.kl mahal so secara automatic kedekut.

bedmate : hehhe..blk kang kita ajak mama g penang nak?

me : betul ke ni?awat x penat ke?

bedmate : x la.ok je..jom la..sy teringin nak mkn pasembur ni.

me : hihhi..see!! x sia2 sy cuci rambut kan?

bedmate : hehhe..

dah sampai penang.hhee..
apa2 hal pun mkn dulu.
i love both of them so much.

lps mkn jln2 kat mall sebentar (xleh lama2 sbb I'm sure bedmate will get bored kalau i lama spent time kat mall).but sempat grab a few sweet n cute earing for myself. socks for bedmate n a slice of SR cake for mum as her belated birhday celebration.(i x ambik gamba sbb i lupa :-) sorry dear diary)

After that we heading to the beach.

see!!my jeans dah bsh.actually i'm not sure bedmate nak taking my pic or the horse or the girl yg tgh menunggang kuda tu.hahha!!

mum with her new handbag (birthday present frm me n bedmate)

us (at the same time i nak tunjuk earing baru.tp jauh la kan.x clear.let me check if i ada pic yg dekat.kalau ada nnt i letak k)

yours truely with her kekenyangan husband after having his pasembur.

ok..after padang kota we all go back n rest for tomorrow agenda at pejabat tanah pulak.

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