Monday, January 25, 2010


hai peepelll...

i'm here.dah lama rasanya i'm not visit here.many things happen n a lil bit busy.sampai i lupa niat i nak menulis d belog ini.hehhe..sorry dear blog.

dah makin dekat kan the date. i makin berdebar la pulak.i really hope everything going well. n really hope my becoming marriage aman damai sampai hujung nyawa.

i dah xtau nak tulis apa.bnyak sgt nak story but i don't know where to start.hihihi.

nnt i tulis lg ye.

Monday, January 18, 2010


I'm typing this post on friday 11.55pm..

just now i ada tgk FB one of my ex schoolmate.and from her i navigate to another friend of mine which is not in my friend list.actually since end of school life we are not contacted each other because of small misunderstanding. after view her FB's albums i found an album of her school life. after view the pictures, it was surprising me because there's my pic with her inside it. The thing that make me feel down+sad is because she still kutuk2 me with reply from some of her friends yang i-pun-xnak-ngaku-friends-i. OMG!! what is wrong with u all ha??

i really don't understand what kind of thinking they have coz sampai ke hari ni still nak attack I. Adakah mereka masih tidak move forward dari cara idup 5 or 6 thn yg dulu. ohhh...kesiannya u all. i mengaku secara jujur iklasnya i pun dah mls nak ingat balik our small pergaduhan tu sbb for me that was our mistake bcoz both of us still not mutured yet at that time. but bila dah baca komen2 u all tu i pulak terasa nak flashback balik.hehhehe..but ingat2 lupa la, i bg kesimpulan je la ek.hhiihihi

for me the synopsis+nasihat that are :

1. please jgn terlalu bnyak memberi sbb nnt bila u dikhianati u will feel so hurt like me

2. jgn menabur budi kat org yg ada hint2 nak tikam u balik one day bcoz nnt u will feel so sakit hati bila u dpt tau dia dah canang cita bukan2 pasal u.

I dah x dapat pikir lagi apa point seterusnya.hehhe..

Monday, January 11, 2010

Checklist 2


nothing much to said..i just nak buat checklist.


Me :

1. Kain Sembahyang -> done

2. Perfume + skin care -> done

3. kasut + handbag + purse -> done

4. mas kawin + gelang + handfon -> done but not done sbb gelang belum beli..ehhehh..belum sempat.

5. sireh junjung -> of course not done yet ;-)

Him :

1. Kasut + stokin -> done

2. perfume -> done

3. kemeja -> done

4. sejadah -> done

5. wallet + belt -> done

6. handfon -> done

7. sireh -> not done yet

barang2 sampingan such as :

kasut nikah : done

tudung nikah : done

veil : done

baju nikah : still kat tailor

jubah for khatam quran : i still x cari. i don't have me pls...

tudung for khatam : of course la x kan.dah jubah pun x beli lagi

my mum punya kain utk buat baju for my wedding : done

my mum punya shoes : done

bunga tgn : done. mak my love tgh upgrade kasi cantik lagi.kita tggu dan lihat.hehhe

songkok my love : done

kasut nikah my love : done

baju nikah my love : still kat tailor

lagi apa ye? i ada miss something ke?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Checklist 1


i just want to drop something that come across my mind.

Semalam i dah pegi langsaikan another 50% bayaran perobot .hihih..tot that perabot bole masuk this the salesman said
"x bole la kakak..x sempat.16hb baru bole.."

Apo nak dikato bak kato apak den.redha je love seperti effect at all.sentiasa ada backup plan.he said that this weekend kita bole settle kan hal, next week kita ajak ramai2 dtg our home to tggu perabot.then ok la...small matter kan??xkan nak kecoh2 pulak.

Barang hantaran dah complete.yeehaa!!! dan i terasa nak tambah sesuatu la..maybe patut masuk dlm mesyuarat jemaah lepas balik keja kang ni.harap2 diluluskan.hehhe.

Doakan saya selamat semuanya ye :-) bye

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cat & Cuci

last weekend me n my love manage to paint our house with help of my future PIL. after finish painting we also cuci the whole house like crazy.hhahha..luckily they are willing to help us.kalau x i tak tau la pukul berapa nak siap. sbb i pegi appoinment dgn my freelance partner dulu kat one of coffee house near our house. and then baru i join them painting.this is the pic before i jd maid.hehhe..
pic in the house nnt2 la ye sbb haitu i lupa nak snap.that house still kosong.that's why we have to finish cat n cuci this,that the next next week bnyak benda lain bole di settle kan.nnt kalau dah letak furniture dah ssh nak painting segalak.

Around asar my future sis in law came with her husband to help. so lg pantas.finish around 6 future FIL belanja mkn dinner n after memenuhkan perut we go back home.before sleep i dah berangan for the curtain.hihi..

2009 memories

I'm writing this post while i'm at home doing my side job. -3.06 am- -saturday- -2 jan fast time flies.2009 had left us.

So much moment n memories during 2009 happen to me.
- finish my first degree at the end of 2008.
- jan 2009 :
-Seeking a job by only depends on my result, self marketing and of course kabel2 haaaa..
- Getting job. Nice bosses.and adventures/interesting job scope.happy2..

- receive an offer to go for interview for further my master in mum did not allowed :-( At the same time got another offer to work with another company with gaji yg lebih best n same job scope with the current work.

- My bosses know about my master offer and offer keja baru tu sbb the boss of that company is my bosses friend. So, They try to attrack me to not leave their company with shorten the probation period and salary increment!!.pikir..pikir..and lastly i continue working with them.

- jun 2009 : engaged with my love.

- sept 2009 : seeking for another job because of financial problem in the company. Takut maaa..

- oct 2009 : got a new job. start on nov. send notice to current bosses.they have no choice but have to let me go.but they ask for my help if i can help doing work for their company as a part timer. pikir..pikir lagi. and i pun setuju..

- nov 2009 : start a new work at a new place. got another offer of doing a tak-small-tak-big project for a small company as a side job selain dr my ex-company tu.oh God.What are u trying to tell me.pikir..pikir lagi..Mayb this is a chance for me to explore more about my programming knowledge, PR skill, critical thinking, management skill sbb i penah ada angan2 nak set up my own,mayb this is the training. Dgn sokongan from org2 yg saya sayang i setuju but i have to share the portion with my friend sbb i nak meluaskan lagi pengetahuan i by sharing with him.sbb dia lg pandai and berpengalaman dr i.belipat2 kali ganda dr i yg beginner ni.hehhe..

- busy like a bee with work load, wedding preparation and memenuhi rumah yg i and my love will stay after we get married. Dgn my love nak tukar keta lagi. All in One Time.huaaaa!! But I don't know what is wrong with me because until this moment I'm still not feel tired,angry,menyusahkan or whatever lah..but hanya 1 perasaan yg ada which is PUAS.i feel so glad to feel this kind of feeling. alhamdulillah..i bersyukur sgt dgn apa yg i dapat skang and i promise to keep it up even my life x seenjoy my other sebaya friend. I x dapat dating2 tgk wayang sbb keja i menimbun, i x dapat beauty sleep sampaikan bila i pegi beli barang kosmetik utk hantaran SA kat outlet tu nasihatkan i take rest sikit sbb muka i dah hydrate.mayb i npk tua dr usia kot.cis!!.how dare u.hahha.. I jugak try to fulfill invitation kalau ada org jemput tp sorry kalau i rushing2 sikit sbb ada appoinment.

Combining all of them and it's me in 2010.hehhe..